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Murder in the greenhouse

Press: Zürichsee-Zeitung, 20th November 2015

Excitement and pleasure at the greenhouse
With the sponsorship of the cultural commission of Oberrieden, actress and producer Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz, performed three sold-out performances of the play "Murder in the Greenhouse" last weekend. The enthusiastic audience enjoyed a world of poetry and language-acrobatics, accompanied by a virtuoso violin and piano performance of traditional and classical music. While the audience witnessed four murders – caused by poisonous everyday plants – they enjoyed a meal, with each course designed to “accompany” the various acts...

All told Jacqueline Fritschi Cornaz who produced, wrote and performed the play with musical collaboration from Leo Rusterholz, delivered a gruesomely beautiful and expertly staged event. The audience experience was only enhanced by the unique atmosphere of the Eichenberger Greenhouse and Nursery.

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