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L'Essentiel, 02.2023

Mother Teresa & Me, the intersecting destinies of two women 

With Mother Teresa & Me, Swiss-Indian filmmaker Kamal Musale tells the story of two women of conviction in India, past and present. 

Colours and melodies - Filmed mostly in India in the format of a large-scale production, the work admirably recreates the atmosphere of the 50s, when the country was in the grip of social unrest leading to a terrible famine. The film also owes much to the accuracy of the tone of its performers and its formal choices. The colours, in particular, help to bring the two women closer together, even though they are far apart in time and space: Mother Teresa first appears in black and white and the young girl in colour, then, at the end, the tones come together in pastels to link the two characters in a surprising way. In addition to these meticulous image aesthetics, the music plays a key role, particularly accompanying Kavita.


L'essentiel, 02.2023

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