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Banita Sandhu does well in the role of Kavita. Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz acts ably as Mother Teresa. Deepti Naval delivers a dignified performance as Deepali's aunt. Heer Kaur lends excellent support as Sister Agnes. Shobu Kapoor is adequate in a tiny role as Kavita's foster mother. Liza Sadovy (as Mother Superior), Kevin Mains (as Rupert), Vikram Kochhar (as Dr Ahmed), Kezia Burrows (as Johanna) and the rest of the cast lend fair support.


"I really found it an intense cinematic experience. Overall it's a film that's highly recommended. A film that keeps you engaged and hooked and, at the same time, has a beautiful message at its core. A message of hope, a message of love." 

MURTAZA ALI KHAN Film Critic, Delhi

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