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jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz

The Swiss Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz is a film, theater actress and producer, who can look back on more than 30 years of professional experience behind the camera.


Within the scope of her professional work, she has founded together with her husband the Zariya Foundation and initiated the 100% non-profit film ‘Mother Teresa & Me’. The humanitarian feature film is about Mother Teresa and the young Indian Kavita, about peace and justice. All proceeds from the film support poorest children in education and health, starting in India, where Mother Teresa established her work.

The foundation for the moving film was laid when Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz traveled to Mumbai

for the first time. As she drove through the Indian city to see the Bollywood studios, she was surrounded by street children. They knocked on the window and offered her flowers, magazines and toys for sale.would make a difference. The leading actress focus on the complexity of Mother Teresa in her work. She consciously wanted to portray her in all her facets and also show her controversial sides. In doing so, she skilfully uses her talent to transform into different characters and shows and in another masterpiece her acting talent.

Shocked by the poverty and misery that she was confronted with, the actress decided to take action. She was inspired by the image of courage-Mother Teresa in one of the Bollywood Studios.


Two parallel stories, which are interwoven over generations. Both women realize their dreams  despite serious personal doubts and stay with their vocations. Mother Teresa’s (Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz) loss of faith inspires the wild Kavita (Banita Sandhu), a young British woman of Indian origin, in present-day Calcutta to discover true love and compassion. For Kavita, a spoiled modern young woman of Indian origins who lives in London, love is an illusion. Between an unsatisfying romantic relationship, the plans of her parents' plans to marry her within Indian tradition, and an unexpected pregnancy, Kavita is torn apart by conflicts. Should she abort her baby or not? 

Unable to take the radical medical step, Kavita decides to return to the place where she was born, to find comfort in the arms of Deepali (her now very old former nanny (Deepti Naval) who herself was adopted as a child by Mother Teresa in 1948 when she began to work in the slums. While Deepali tells the stories of her past Kavita begins to retrace the beginnings of Teresa's life in the the slums of Calcutta.

For the young Mother Teresa life changes dramatically, when she hears the voice of Jesus: He commands her to work for the poor in the slums. She does not question this ordeal. Following the call, she turns her back on her former life and dedicates herself to the poor in the slums of Calcutta. 

After she founded her new order "Missionaries of Charity", Teresa can hear the voice of Jesus

no longer. She feels more and more abandoned by her beloved, her husband her guide... and doubts the very existence of God. She loses faith. Teresa hid her anguish behind a smiling face of the faithful  and was in doubt for the rest of her life. She nevertheless continued her work with full dedication to the poorest of the poor. An act of faith in herself. She shared her loss by writing to confessors, letters  that were published only after her death, letters that Kavita learns about in modern times.


The story of Mother Teresa influenced Kavita's  decision on how to deal with her pregnancy, her life her lovers and her Family to move forward. She discovers compassion, she finds happiness.

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Year: 2022

Running time: 122 Min.

Genre: Drama

Director: Kamal Musale

Music: Laurence Crevoisier, Walter Mair, Annick Rody, Peter Scherer

Cast: Banita Sandhu, Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz, Deepti Naval, Bryan Lawrence & others

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